Do what you do best!

You belong out with your patrons – let us get our hands dirty in the kitchen.
Stop for a moment and think back – why did you get into this business in the first place? To make some money. OK, of course, that is the purpose of any business. But why this one in particular? Because you like it, and you do it well.
And what is it that you most enjoy about the industry? It’s not the bookwork, and it’s certainly not the dishwashing! Maybe it’s the cuisine, or maybe you have a passion for fine wines or boutique beers, but I bet people are right up there at the top of your list – the people you work with and the people you serve at front of house. Nobody survives long in the hospitality game unless they like people.

you can’t afford to spend your time stuck out in the kitchen scrubbing pots and polishing knives.

I worked with a guy once who was fond of saying “We’d get a lot more work done if we didn’t have any customers.” Yes, go ahead and laugh, it’s kind of amusing until you realise attitudes like that show. Your patrons pick it up and it makes the place feel cold and uninviting. They don’t say anything, they don’t tell you he makes them feel uncomfortable, maybe they can’t even put their finger on what turns them off. They just go somewhere else next time. All other things being equal – quality, quantity and price – what sets you apart from other venues is that elusive ambiance. If customers enjoy the time they spend in your premises they will come back. If they don’t, they won’t.

My point is this: you can’t afford to spend your time stuck out in the kitchen scrubbing pots and polishing knives. And you certainly don’t want to spend your evening with your head inside the dishwasher trying to get fat and fried breadcrumbs out of the drain pump. That’s our job and we do it willingly and well. Your place is out the front, behind the bar or in the dining room, taking care of your guests as only you can. Remember, you set the tone and you lead your team by example. So call us if you need help with the warewashing equipment and get out there where you belong. Make sure that as each guest leaves, you can be sure you will see them again next time.