The Circle of Clean

Ah yes, the Dread of your Local Councils Health inspector popping his/her head in to have a friendly chat, yeah,.. not quite!  Glaring all over your recently polished surfaces of your commercial kitchen, Eyes locked on any inconspicuous looking objects / details with the RED Pen at the ready!

For many maintaining Kitchen Hygiene and cleanliness is the upmost importance day to day activity.  And so it should. Not to mention the additional pressure & sentiment the current COVID-19 Pandemic has brought.

One huge part of maintaining your kitchens Hygiene is often overlooked. It’s the Dishwasher and its importance in what we call “the Circle of Clean”.  In our lengthy experience of Repairing & Maintaining Commercial Glasswashers & Dishwashers we have come across frankly Shocking state of affairs. We could entertain you with sad stories… horror stories, But let’s not..  Let’s focus on how you can confirm if your Dishwasher is Operating at Compliant Temperatures.

Did you know that the most important and vital process of any Dishwashing machine is its ability to Sanitise items…  That’s what it should achieve every single time it completes its cycle. its effectiveness to sanitise however relies on a number of factors, the single most important is the Temperature of its Rinse Cycle.  Too low and microorganisms / Bacteria will remain on your wares (plates, cutlery, glassware etc.) too high and it will literally bake in the microorganisms / bacteria onto the surface of your items. It is a fine line and there is a reason why there are default temperatures programmed into your dishwasher.

If you were unaware of just what are the Australian Standards for Compliant Temperatures for your Commercial Dishwasher here you are:

  • Wash: HEATING UP TO: 60–65°C  /  WASHING ITEMS AT: 60–65°C (in the wash water tank)
  • Rinse / Sanitise: HEATING UP TO: 82–85°C  (in the rinse tank or boiler)  /  SANITISING ITEMS AT: 71°C (final surface temperature)

Aust. Food Safety Standards Appendix 6

Many New fancy machines these days have a clearly displayed temperature display (usually Digital) indicating live temperatures. However these can often be inaccurate or faulty. As the sensitive Probes are susceptible to heat wear and corrosion. Sometimes we have come across machines still being used even when the digital displays are Faulty or displaying clearly the wrong temperature. However time and time again we find Staff still continue to use the machine, blatantly ignoring the issue.

So how do you know the machine is heating correctly and compliant? We can come to your aid. Our skilled technicians are highly trained and with our Temperature Calibration Equipment we can determine if your machine is indeed Heating / Sanitizing & Compliant. With every Calibration service we carry out, and on the same day rectify any problems discovered on the spot (only if required) and once passed, we will be able to provide you (& your Friendly Local Health Inspector) a Compliance Certificate recording actual Surface Temps and most importantly offer your Peace of Mind your equipment is providing & maintaining your wares cleaned & sanitised ready for your Next customer.  Some of our clients are proudly displaying their Compliance Certificates Proudly to show off to prospective and loyal patrons during this COVID time.

P.S. If your machine does not have a standard Digital Temperature Gauge / Display, We can install one on any make / model.

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  1. John says:

    Yeah nothing worse than a pesky health inspector. Thanks for clearing up the confusion about just what is the right temperature.. I’ve had the debate with my health inspector many times. They to seem to be confused…

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