Who we are

We have been serving the hospitality industry since 1952. Johnston’s was the first Australian manufacturer of Ware Washing machinery, introducing the first ever recirculating fixed spray commercial glass washer.

Our size specifications became the Australian standard for Glass Washers and Basket Racking for the hospitality industry, standards that are still in use today. Our long experience in the field has made us the leading supplier of Washer Basket & storage systems too.

We have spent years of research and development aswell as teaming up with the most Qualified and Experienced Chemists & Chemical manufacturers to offer our clients superior detergents and cleaning products that are perfectly formulated for the harsh conditions in Commercial kitchens today.

For over 67 years our expert technicians have been proudly serving a loyal community of clients within the hospitality industry.

We continue to push the design limits, striving for excellence in quality and durability of equipment & products proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. We love to see new machines go into a premises, but it gives us a great deal of satisfaction when we see how long some of the older models have been operating faithfully.

With our expert staff and our association with only the best brands in the industry like Norris, Eswood, Hobart and Meiko, we continue to work to supply the Australian hospitality industry with quality products and service into the future.

What we do


We have been supplying glass washing equipment since 1952. The Johnston’s Universal is the direct descendent of the first fixed-spray glasswasher in Australia.


Johnston’s Glassmaster is the leading Sydney supplier of hard-working dish washing equipment.


If your ware washing equipment needs attention, Or want to avoid costly breakdowns during service, arrange one of our expert technicians to attend. use our Online Service Bookings Portal.


We supply all the parts for all the machines we sell & service. We have an extensive Spare Parts network of suppliers, Also ensuring each order is delivered as a matter of urgency.


We have worked hard to design our own non-caustic pH-neutral glass washing detergent. Along with and extensive range of Detergents, Rinse Aid’s, Descalers & entire kitchen cleaning products, we can supply you with everything you need to get the best out of your equipment & kitchen.

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