Hand Sanitiser Alcohol-Free



  • Alcohol free – Does not dry your hands and cause cracking and skin damage and low vapour kind to sensitive noses
  • Instantly kills bacteria
  • Liquid Can be dispensed by spray or foaming pump
  • Natural Aloe Vera extracts and essential oils
  • No washing or rinsing required
  • Fast drying
  • Safe – Both to end user and the environment.
  • Biodegradable
  • Skin friendly solution

Alcohol free solution, no washing or rinsing required. Tested and approved according to TGA methods. Eucalyptus oil & Tea Tree oil provide natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Keeps hands clean and moisturised with a beautiful lingering fragrance.  Also available in 500mL pump pack.

Product Description

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser – is a quat based sanitiser which kills bacteria (99.99%) within 30 seconds. Contains eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil providing natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The inclusion of natural Aloe Vera extract soothes, protects and supports your skin tone. It leaves your hands soft and smooth with a beautiful lingering fragrance.

This product is ideal for use in homes, offices, child cares, aged cares, nursing homes, hospitality areas, outdoor areas, public places and more. Reduces infection and cross contamination. It is PF- Phosphate Free & Biodegradable / Septic Safe


Directions for use:
Apply one thumbnail amount size to dry, clean hands. Rub well ensuring thorough coverage of your hands. Allow it to dry and it will kill bacteria within 30 seconds.

TIP: Economically Best when decanted from the 5L & 15L REFILL packs – Directly into any existing hand dispensers (reuse empty hand gel/soap pump packs or sauce bottles eg. tomato sauce squeeze bottle!)

* We also offer the 500ml Pump Pack Option and additional Spray Triggers + Foaming Pump Applicators which can be purchased separately.

For all product safety details see here: MSDS – Hand Sanitiser