Hand Wash Pink



  • PH = 6.5 – 7.5
  • Ideal for frequent use
  • Specially formulated to provide an instant rich, creamy
    foam using a blend of natural soap, conditioner and mild
  • Safe to use and will not taint food
  • Ideal for use in plastic and stainless steel dispensers

Produces rich lathered foam, with emollients for a smooth and soft feel to the skin. Ideal for plastic and stainless steel dispensers.

Product Description

Hand Wash – Pink has a fresh fragrance, enriched with softening agents which makes it mild on the skin. It is a pearly pink product of medium viscosity. It is free from phosphates and solvents, has leathered foam and special emollient which leaves skin feeling light and fresh.

ENVIROMENTAL ASPECTS: PF- Phosphate Free, Solvent Free & has Biodegradable Surfactants.


Directions for use:

Moisten hands with water, apply a small portion of the liquid onto hands. Rub well and rinse thoroughly with running water.

* This product is available in 20L, 15L, 5L

For all product safety details see here:  MSDS-HandWashPink