Zexa Ultra for CHILD CARE


• Specially formulated for child care.
• Non hazardous/ Non dangerous.
• Automatic feed Underbench & Passthrough washers.
• Accelerates washing..
• Built in sanitiser.
• Prevents scale build up.
• Concentrated formula for sustainable choice.

Product Description

Zexa Ultra for Child Care detergent is non dangerous and non hazardous.

Delivers the safety requirements of the Quality Area 2 under the National Quality Standard.

This provides peace of mind to Child Care providers.  Minimising harm and the possibility of an emergency in relation to dangerous goods on site is a key focus of Q2.

Zexa have been supplying chemicals to Child Care for the best part of a decade. These products are biodegradable and in concentrate form. This means less plastic for the environment!

Better for the environment – and your operating costs. Double win!

  •  DID YOU KNOW: When using Zexa Detergent & Rinse Aid together with your Norris or Madison Dishwasher it may extend your Manufacturers warranty up to 3-5 Years*. Contact us for details.